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How to Grow Luscious, Healthy Indoor Plants

Healthy Violet Indoor Plant Cropped

Successful Indoor Plants

Secrets to Healthy Plants Medium

Although many plants can be grown successfully indoors, there are certain groups that, because of their attractiveness and relative ease of maintenance, are generally considered the best houseplants.

These include the aroids, bromeliads, succulents (including cacti), ferns, begonias, and palms, all of which have long been favorites.

Somewhat more demanding are those that are grown primarily for their flowers. These include African violets, camellias, gardenias, geraniums (Pelargonium species) and orchids.

There are thousands of tropical and subtropical plants that can adapt to growing indoors. Although some fancy exotic species do well only in a humid conservatory or a glass-enclosed terrarium, a great many species have been introduced that endure the adverse conditions of dry heat and low light intensity that prevail in many houses. A selection of the more widely favoured houseplants follows, under six sections: foliage plants (some of which also bear interesting flowers), succulents, trees, ferns, climbers and trailers and flowering plants, species kept primarily for their flowers.

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December 8, 2019


The Herb Dill with Tomatoes

What Is Dill and How Is It Used?

Dill with Potatoes

Dill (Anethum graveolens) is an annual herb in the celery family. Dill is grown widely in Eurasia where its leaves and seeds are used as a herb or spice for flavouring food.

Fresh and dried dill leaves are widely used as herbs in Europe and central Asia. Like caraway, the fernlike leaves of dill are aromatic and are used to flavor many foods such as fish dishes, borscht, and other soups, as well as pickles (where the dill flower is sometimes used). Dill is best when used fresh, as it loses its flavor rapidly if dried, however, freeze-dried dill leaves retain their flavor relatively well for a few months.